The kinetic fidgeting experience acts as a channel for unreleased energy that assists with reducing levels of stress. By holding on to your attention it will help with focus and clear thinking.

When this experience is merged with visual, audial and tactile satisfaction, it allows your mind to pause and shift with ease.

Fidgeting is movement and a natural body response to boredom or stress, and a fidget is a different kind of toy that is made to move along with you.


We believe that details matter and this is the foundation principle that we rely on in our search for the perfect combination of esthetic look, satisfying sound and superior hand feel.

In our continuous discovery and development of the most unique designs, we commit to deliver only unique pieces that bring new meaning to everyday accessories.

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Each piece is built to last and designed with premium materials like Titanium, Copper and Zirconium with a precision quality of CNC machinery and impeccable finishing throughout all the designs.